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Patio Mist Cooling Kit


Patio Mist Cooling Kit

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Patio Mist Cooling Kit


Patio  Mist Cooling Kit (10M)


Excellent quality:Our mist cooling system includes well-made plastic atomizing nozzle button and the pipe is made of a material with excellent UV protection. Durable and resistant to multiple environments.
Cooling effect is obvious: Our mist cooling system has outstanding cooling effect. It can be used in a variety of outdoor scenes: gardens, courtyards, lawns, greenhouses. There is also excellent performance in agricultural irrigation.
Can have more variability: Our mist cooling system is designed to change length. If you need to change the length of the tube, you can choose to pull the piston, pull it out, and then replace it to the length you need.
Easy to Assembly: Our mist cooling system is designed to simple assembly.Less than 10 minutes from disassembly to assembly finish.


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